Pricing - Epic-Exposure, LLC

Providing the Following Photographic Services

Studio Photography:

  - Automotive

  - Action/Athletics

  - Portrait

  - Composite/Fantasy

  - Commercial/Product

  - Classes/Training

  - Studio Rental

Location Photography:

  - Event

  - Adventure/Lifestyle

  - Commercial/Product


Personal Projects:

  - Documentary

  - Family

  - Lifestyle

  - Landscape

  - Nature

  - Trip Reports



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Price List (Sept - Dec, 2017)

Studio Rental (photographers/videographers): Fees start at $200.00/hr (minimum 4 hour rental).  Rental comes with Epic-Exposure staff member being personal lighting and equipment assistant.  Content of shoot must be approved prior to rental.  50% non-refundable rental fee required to secure the date/time.  Remaining 50% due at the time of shoot.

Studio Rental (educators): Fees are negotiated in advance based on subject, studio configuration, and class size.


Automotive Studio Session Fee: Fees start at $125.00/hr (minimum 2 hour session).  Prints and/or digital files are extra and not included here. All fees are non-refundable and are to be paid prior to shoot.  This same rate applies to boats, RVs, SxS,, motorcycles, etc.  Turntable has a weight limit of 16K pounds.  Vehicles must be spotless prior to entering the studio.  Cleaning area available on-site.  Also, detail options on-site are possible (provided by an independent detailing business).

Portrait Studio Session Fee: Athletic/Glamor/Fashion shoots.  Fees start at $150.00/hr (minimum 2 hour session).  Session does not include hair and makeup.  Prints and/or digital files are extra and not included here.  All fees are non-refundable and are to be paid prior to shoot.  Additional fees can be incurred if a custom set needs to be built prior to shoot.  Shop rate is $125.00/hr and does not include the cost of materials.  Like all of our shoots the content of any shoot must be approved in advance.

Commercial Project Fee: Negotiated on a per project basis.


Prints - From your session: Start at $180.00/print (for 13x19).  Prints smaller than 13 x 19 are not available.  Associated digital files are included with each print purchase.  Please see price list graphic below for prices and sizes.  In addition to print sizes... there are also other print options (metal prints, etc...).  Prints outside of the standard professional and mounted prints that I offer will  vary weekly depending on prices charged by my photo lab.  Call for more information.

Prints For Sale - Outside of your session: Negotiated on a per print basis.

Original 'Modified/Retouched' Digital File: Not available.


Remote Location Fee: Fees starts at $999.00/day (not including travel, rentals, assistants,  and accommodations).  Per day fee to be established and paid prior to shoot. Non-refundable.

Print Prices (Sept -> Dec 2017)