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The Epic-Exposure, LLC private commercial studio can be thought of as the high-end digital artist’s conduit between their vision and their achievement. From fostering the end-to-end creative process where ‘anything is possible’ though the actual mechanics where  ‘everything was solvable’, the Epic-Exposure studio has been configured from the ground up to ensure consistent delivery of expected results, on-time and within budget. The Epic-Exposure studio is the place to come if your clients projects require an specialized infrastructure, quality of gear, or level of assistance that cannot be found at other local area studios.

Dedicated shooting areas include:

* Automotive Studio Photography (25’ automotive turntable, large 5x15 continuous movable overhead lightbox, backgrounds and flooring, etc…)

* Composite Studio Photography (20x20 digital green/blue screen)

* Athletic / Portrait Studio Photography (nearly 3,000 square feet of shooting space, variety of backgrounds, etc...)

* Commercial Product Studio Photography (shooting tethered, client area, high speed Internet access, etc…)

* Fantasy Studio Photography (aerial, smoke, water, wind, snow, milk, etc…)

* Fashion Studio Photography (mobile stage, backgrounds, hair and makeup area, changing room, etc…)

* Headshot Studio Photography (variety of hand painted muslins, posing furniture, etc…)

All Epic-Exposure studio rentals include:

* At least one full time and knowledgeable staff member that is 100% dedicated to support your vision, with the utmost efficiency.

* Access to all of our Profoto lighting equipment (strobes, modifiers, and triggers).

* Access to shoot tethered (output to 65” Samsung UHDTV).

The Epic-Exposure studio consists of nearly 3,000 square feet of wheelchair accessible shooting space with celling heights that range from a low of 14 feet to a high of 25 feet.

Location:   North Bend, WA (30 miles east of Seattle on I-90)

Rental Fee: (please see ‘Pricing’ tab on website)

Access: The studio is located on private property and can only be accessed via pre-arranged appointment only.

Phone: 425-505-7172


Epic-Exposure Studio