FAQ - Epic-Exposure, LLC

Q: How do I rent the studio?

A: See the following...

    Studio Rental - Video

Q: How did you arrive at your pricing?

A: Epic-Exposure is not a hobby, a secondary income, or for entertainment. Epic-Exposure is a business that must make a profit in order to exist beyond tomorrow. The Epic-Exposure business model is to provide time, talent, and value to a very small market segment that seeks the finest end-to-end turn-key experience; that strongly desires outcome differentiation; and that expects the highest quality results. In short, Epic-Exposure has been designed from the ground up to provide an EPIC experience and produce EPIC results.

Q: What forms of image output are available?

A: Epic-Exposure’s primary means of image output is printed media.  Prints deliver a tangible, tactile, and archival experience unmatched by current digital screen technology.

Q: Can I just get the digital files (presumably at much lower rate as there is no real cost in copying a file)?

A: No.  Digital files remain the copyright of the photographer and will not be made available.

Q: I have seen other photographers “shoot-and-burn” (provide very low cost digital images, only). How come they can do it and you can't/won't?

A: I think that we could all agree that there is no ‘perceived’ value in a digital file in-and-of-itself. However, this very low cost perception does not accurately represent the business reality of the costs required to produce the file. Only being presented with the resulting no cost/low cost digital file does not sufficiently translate the actual costs to produce the digital information. Epic-Exposure sets prices such that we can cover our production costs and include a reasonable profit margin so that we (operating as a legitimate tax paying business) can afford to conduct business. In contrast to a digital file, professionally printed media is a great visual tool that helps to level-set the perception gap (the gap between the actual cost of producing the resultant image as a legitimate business and the implied value of the resulting image as experienced by the customer). The value of an Internet link to a digital file (regardless of the quality of the file) is a form of commerce that is expected to be very low in cost as this digital medium is commonplace. However, when viewing and holding a 30x40 inch mounted professional print the experience goes from casual commonplace to mind blowing exceptional. The digital information can be identical… but the experience is very, very, different. Providing professional prints that blow customers minds more accurately aligns the perceived cost of production to the real cost of production in a way that is more clearly understood and accepted.  There are exactly ZERO real and sustainable businesses that deliver only digital files at pennies on the dollar.  The vast majority of costs are in the production of the digital information, not the form of output.

Q: What is the smallest print (least expensive) I can get?

A: Depends on the shoot. However, as a general rule we will not provide prints smaller than 16 x24 (inches). Our prints will always be mounted prior to delivery in order to preserve the condition and finish of the image.  Please see the graphic at the bottom of this page for example print sizes and prices.

Q: What lights and modifiers are available?

A: Epic-Exposure, LLC has standardized around Profoto lights and modifiers. The one exception is the 5x15 foot Chimera lightbox that resides above the studio turntable. Some of the Profoto equipment includes 4 x Profoto D1 strobes; 2 x Profoto B1 strobes; a Profoto 8 foot octabox; 1 x Profoto 3x4 softbox; and 2 x Profoto 1x6 softboxes. Remote control of the strobes are provided by Profoto AirRemote TTL-C, TTL-N, and TTL-S (Jan, 2017). We also have Pocket Wizard transmitters and receivers for Canon.

Q: What differentiates Epic-Exposure from other studios?

A: Service, capabilities, and results. Studio rental includes an Epic-Exposure employee as a dedicated personal assistant. From assistance with lighting, to set creation/manipulation, to getting you coffee… you are covered. Assistance is timely and professional. Additionally, the capabilities within the Epic-Exposure studio are almost endless. We have the space, we have the tools, and we have the knowledge to turn your vision into reality on-budget and on-time. From the automotive turntable to the high ceilings, to the modular stage, to multiple shooting stations, to the best (most reliable and consistent lighting equipment), to the hair and makeup station, to the attached fully stocked workshop… if you can dream it we can help make it happen. Studio shoots are also typically tethered to a 65” UHDTV so that you can really see the details of what is being produced. Shoots can also be shared to the Internet in near real-time. Editing can be done using the latest versions of Adobe Lightroom and/or Adobe Photoshop with a Wacom tablet connected to a Windows workstation. There is also a 44” photo printer on-site along with a full print mounting station so that your work can be shot, post processed, printed on a variety of high end papers, and mounted in-house and in a timely manner.  We also maintain a gas/electric generator on-site in case of widespread power failure. 

Q: Do you shoot outside of the studio?

A: Yes, in two cases. First, the studio resides on 5 acres of private forest (natural) land. We can utilize this surrounding area to setup amazing shallow depth of field natural shots… all within the proximity and comfort of the studio. Secondly, Epic-Exposure has numerous remote location capabilities. Everything from a custom fully outfitted 4x4 RV/van, to a workhorse quad, to various other motorized vehicles and gear hauling means. Note: When we travel, we do not fly. Travel is typically by means of an automotive source.

Q: What types of imagery do you specialize in?

A: We shoot automotive, commercial, and portraiture of various kinds. What we don’t shoot is weddings, engagements, maternity, babies, kids, families, pets, couples, drugs, or erotic. There are more than 150 photographers servicing a 10 mile radius around the Epic-Exposure studio that will gladly provide such services.

Q: What conveniences does the studio provide?

A: Free parking, fridge with water/tea/soda, bathroom (port-o-let), changing room, fully lit hair and makeup station, stocked coffee maker, sofa, and free high-speed business Internet (wifi).

Q: Do you rent the space to other photographers?

A: Yes. Renting to other photographers is a large part of our business. From leasing to experts with high end projects that require the reliability, capability and consistency provided by the best equipment to novice photographers who are rapidly learning and growing and are looking to leapfrog to the next level in order to differentiate themselves (both skills and portfolio) from their peer ‘norm’.

Q: Can we just rent the equipment (without renting the studio).

A: No. The rental fee includes the studio, all of the equipment, and a dedicated staff member to help wherever possible. We do not separate or piece out any of the above.

Q: For photographers that are renting the space do you provide cameras and/or lenses?

A: No.

Q: Are there any restrictions for using the studio’s assets?

A: Many. The default answer is ‘no’ unless it is approved in writing in advance.

Q: As a model, may I bring one or more people (friends/family) with me during the shoot?

A: You can show up with whomever you wish but they will have to leave the property during the shoot. Why? Epic-Exposure staff must focus on the shoot. We cant focus 100% on the task at hand if we have to continuously keep an eye on idle hands. I completely understand and empathize with the security, safety, and comfort level for those that feel so vulnerable alone. We will have to work together to resolve this reality - on both sides. Perhaps hair and makeup can act as a mutually agreed upon neutral party? In any case, because the studio and surrounding property is under continuous video surveillance, Epic-Exposure can provide a private web link to an internal security camera in advance of the shoot so that your associate(s) can view the entire shoot over the Internet in real-time. Just as you don’t want ANYTHING to happen outside of the utmost professional respect and behavior… the Epic-Exposure staff also don’t want ANYTHING to be construed outside of being 100% professional. All studio sessions will be recorded and archived to ensure there is visual evidence of our time together. The exception of having a chaperone present is if the model is younger than 21 years of age (in which case, a parent or guardian must be present). 21, really? Yes. We typically don’t shoot kids anyway… but we are not even going anywhere near an underage, age.

Q: Do you offer a payment plan?

A: Yes, up until the date/time of the shoot. At the time of the shoot and before the first frame is captured all fees must be paid in full.

Q: Can I get a refund if for some reason I am unable to make my scheduled date?

A: Yes, but not 100%. There is a 50% booking fee to reserve the time of the date and time of the shoot. No exceptions.

Q: What payment methods are accepted?

A: Paypal only. No checks or cash will be accepted.

Q: How do I see images from our shoot?

A: Within five business days of our shoot, Epic-Exposure will provide a private Dropbox web link to select watermarked images (presumably the best images of the bunch). These images can be viewed and downloaded. For larger non-watermarked images, please refer to the license agreement signed prior to the shoot in conjunction with the latest pricing guide.

Q: What are the business hours?

A: 9:30am to 4:30pm (M – F). Weekend work or after hour work is possible but has to be scheduled and agreed upon in advance. Please note, the Epic-Exposure studio resides on private property. As such, there is no drop-in business. All visitations must be scheduled in advanced and agreed upon. Any visitation that was not scheduled in advance is considered trespassing.

Q: What is the best way to contact Epic-Exposure?

A: Email (epic-exposure@msn.com).

Q: Do you do TFP (Trade For Proof)?

A: Yes, in some cases. Paid work will always take priority but Epic-Exposure is always on the lookout for new ideas, talent, and connections.

Note: Epic-Exposure, LLC reserves the right of refusal and termination/ejection if any behavior is deemed inappropriate (which may be subjective). Please establish and maintain clear, factual, accurate and documented lines of communication (preferably email) with details regarding your shoot. There is no refund if you are booted from a shoot.