Set Information - Epic-Exposure, LLC

Here at Epic-Exposure we will be creating and testing a number of themed environments over the next several months in order to further showcase our studio’s capabilities to potential commercial interests. During this time, Epic-Exposure will make available these finalized sets to the local community at deeply discounted rates. Each set will remain available for up to one week depending on interest. Each set will be scheduled in increments of one hour blocks. For non-TFP shoots, advanced payment is required to reserve your day/time. Cancelations are subject to a 50% refund fee.

To view when each set will be available for shooting, please see the evolving Epic-Exposure Set Calendar.

The studio’s 2017 July -> September fee structure is as follows:

Scenario Occupation Photographer Studio Fee Image Rights Revenue Agreement
Epic-Exposure staff testing and tweaking set
Model Epic-Exposure TFP Epic-Exposure Model gets selected finished web sized digital image(s), one 11x17 print of their choice, and 20% of any revenue directly tied to a relevant image.
Studio rental (utilizing pre-configured featured set). Save $$ by taking advantage of an existing set during trial period.
Model + Photographer + Other; Limited to four people total.

This option is for those that want to build and utilize their own teams in the studio.
  • $60/hr, basic*

  • $140/hr, supported**

  • Expendables are extra (tbd)***
To be set by contract between parties prior to shoot. To be set by contract between parties prior to shoot.
Earn discounts for time served.
Collaborator(s) - models, photographers, MUAH trading studio assistance for future studio time. Epic-Exposure No fees. However, all parties must agree in advance as to who will be present at the shoot.

Any collaborator can be asked to leave the premises for any reason.

Time served is accumulated at 20 tokens per hour****

Tokens can be remitted from any one person... but tokens cannot be pooled together from others.
Epic-Exposure Model - receives same as #1 scenario above. Others involved are tbd and set by contract prior to shoot.
Collaborator rate.
Model, photographer, or MUAH. Other
  • $20/hr, basic*

  • $100/hr, supported**

  • Expendables are extra (tbd)***
To be set by contract between parties prior to shoot. To be set by contract between parties prior to shoot.
Retail rate(s)
-- Customer $200/hr @ minimum four hour rental

All retail shoots are supported**. There are no non-supported options in this category.
Customer Customer
-- Other tbd

Rate based on class size, infrastructure, needs, etc...

Tokens cannot be remitted for this category.
To be set by contract between parties prior to shoot. To be set by contract between parties prior to shoot.

*Basic Package - Photographer provides all lighting equipment.

**Supported Package - Photographer utilizes studio’s Profoto lights, modifiers, and applicable trigger.

*** Expendables - Include one-time use items such as fresh cut flowers, milk, smoke, powder, etc. Prices for such items will be discussed prior to shoot and must be paid prior to shoot.

**** Non-transferable/non-collective Epic-Exposure tokens can be traded in for studio rental discounts at the current one-to-one exchange rate of one token earned per $1.00 rental fee assessed.

  • In all cases, Epic-Exposure staff will be on-site and dedicated to your shoot - assisting as needed/directed.
  • Tokens expire on December, 31 2017.
  • Paid activities will always take precedence over unpaid activities.
  • For legal coverage, Epic-Exposure retains the right to cancel shoots, token remittance, and cash prizes at any time and for any reason.

Something Extra:

If greater than 10 such environment shoots are conducted at the Epic-Exposure studio by Nov, 01 then Epic-Exposure will be awarding the following cash prizes from the pool of participants on December, 01 2017:

  1. 1) Best collaborative shoot experience; $100.00 (voted on by epic-exposure)
  2. 2) Most positive shoot energy; $100.00 (voted on by epic-exposure)
  3. 3) Best image; $250.00 (voted on by larger community)
  4. 4) Random drawing of name, $50.00

Studio sets are being developed to support the following types of shoots (not in any given order):

Set Example(s)
Dance / Motion Portrait Ballet, Ballroom, Karate, Yoga…
Runway Fashion, Swimwear, Cosplay, Costume
Flowers Fine Art, Implied, Holiday (color matched)
Tub Indoor: Milk Bath
Outdoor: Nature
Water Feature Athletics (action), Portrait (emotion), Swimwear, Commercial (breach water wall)
Pin-Up Portrait (focus on model)
Vehicle (secondary prop)
Outdoor Nature portrait
Golden hour
Fantasy Shoot from above
Smoke Portrait in studio (smoke machine)
Portrait outdoors (nature)
Technology Portrait in tech environment
Automotive w/model Portrait: Conservative to wild
90-10 (ratio of focus between model and object)
Fabric Portrait: Diffusion
Portrait: Motion
Aerial Performance: Silk, rope, etc...
Snow Winter themed set
Reflection Portrait: Mirror - glass/lexan; water; and/or software
Milk Portrait: composite to create milk simulated clothing
Athletic Action/motion portrait (ball sports, workout, etc...)
Still portrait (archery, yoga, etc...)
Powder Action/motion portrait
Plaster Fine Art/texture portrait
Tape Creative portrait
Body Paint Creative portrait
Green Screen Composite
Outdoor On studio grounds (natural surrounding)
Remote Travel required (tbd by participants)
Other Headshots, 3/4 shots, model profiles, etc...